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Do you owe the IRS money?  Scares you, right?  Even you, Big Guy; yes, we get it, you’ve got the tats, the muscles and that crazy hair and beard, but owing the IRS makes even your palms get just a little damp, doesn’t it?  Even for the tough guys and gals, go ahead and admit it, it is scary!  And for the not-so-tough normal people that just got behind this particularly eight ball, it will give you a constant sense of dread.

Owing the largest and most effective collection company in the World is not a place you want to be, is it?  And unlike those pesky phone calls to get that $25 monthly minimum from the credit card company, these guys can grab your bank accounts, put a levy on your house or any other asset you think you own, and most of the time they don’t have to ask for permission from a court and deal with those darn cumbersome warrants.  Oh, did I mention they carry guns, and unlike Barney Fife, they have more than one bullet.

OK, we get the picture, these guys and gals are good at collecting money and assets, but we also know that there are very few Americans that get raided by agents with guns and go to jail for tax evasion, so just back off a little with the scariness, OK?  Alright, so a little good news to cheer you up!

So you have debt to the IRS, but the good word is there are solutions to your IRS problems.  And, further good news; these solutions may be solved by you or by a certified IRS Tax Professional and it all may be done quicker and with less money and time than you think.

STOP THE TAX MAN NOW! Will guide you, step-by-step on how to survive the tax debt swamp.  And, it is a swamp.  Confusing, nauseating and treacherous because a misstep may be very, very costly; and, in this swamp, those beady-eyed alligators are fat and really well-fed. You don’t want to be their next meal.

But STOP THE TAX MAN NOW! Keeps it simple and straightforward with a touch a humor and solid advice to either get it done by yourself or (generally the sensible thing) retaining a Tax Professional to ease the burden.  The author, Jon Marple, is the kind of negotiator you want on your side.  A seasoned, experienced lawyer and businessman, he has been on the receiving end of the IRS’s far-reaching power and now uses his skills to represent that taxpayer who is overmatched dealing with the agents of the IRS.

STOP THE TAX MAN NOW! will give you the basics of what you’re up against and how to solve those IRS debt problems that have been causing you sleepless nights and uneasy days.  STOP THE TAX MAN NOW before he starts grabbing your bank accounts, salary, real estate, stocks or any other handy asset of yours that is within reach of the tax man.